Navy Police Officer Alleges Virginia Military Hospital Malpractice

A navy police officer has allegedly suffered medical malpractice at a military hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Alleged Medical Malpractice in Portsmouth Virginia

According to CPR,Colorado Public Radio, Ryan Adams, a Navy police officer was stationed in Virginia when he underwent surgery at a military hospital in Portsmouth. Adams’s hernia surgery was supposed to be a routine operation, but it resulted in nerve damage and other issues that have left him on crutches. Adams said, speaking from his Virginia home, “I can’t run. I can barely walk. I can’t stand for no more than 30 minutes. I can barely sit down.”At age 30, he has now been discharged from the military because he can’t do his job, after spending nearly eight years in the service.

“It is so unfair, why my life has completely been ruined,” Adams said. “I have an almost-three-year-old daughter that I can’t even pick up off the ground because of one doctor making mistakes.”

After the passing of this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, Adams and other active-duty members have legal recourse for alleged medical malpractice, through an administrative claims process. “I am so proud of our Congress and everyone who has pushed for there to be change in a bill that needs to be changed,” Ryan Adams wrote in an email. But, he has said that he and other advocates won’t rest until the Feres Doctrine, which bars active-duty members from pursuing medical malpractice litigation, is eliminated entirely.

Virginia Military Hospital Malpractice

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