Wrongful Death Lawyers

When a family member dies as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may feel that there are more questions than answers. The grief of losing a loved one is also frequently compounded by financial stress, and you may find yourself having to worry about the loss of the deceased person’s income as well as their final expenses and other associated costs. Our compassionate wrongful death attorneys understand these difficulties, and we are here to ease your burden throughout the litigation process. 

What is Wrongful Death?

When someone’s negligence brings about another person’s death, the victim’s surviving family members have the right to file a wrongful death claim. These claims allow survivors to seek compensation for the financial and emotional hardships they have suffered as a result of the victim’s passing.

Do I Have a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit provides a legal remedy for those who have lost a loved one as the result of another's negligence. Wrongful death lawsuits are common in situations where a physician or other health care provider acted negligently, and this negligence resulted in the patient's death. Wrongful death lawsuits are brought on behalf of the victim's family to seek compensation for their loss.

wrongful death lawyers

Wrongful Death Lawyers Fight for Victims

Of course, no amount of financial compensation can make up for the death of a loved one and the emotional pain that results. However, holding the negligent parties that caused your loved one’s passing accountable and securing your family’s financial future can take away added stress, allowing you to focus on your family’s emotional needs as well as your own. It can also provide a feeling of closure and a sense that justice has been served. In some cases, holding the negligent parties accountable in a wrongful death lawsuit can also result in actions being taken to prevent similar incidences in the future.

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What Makes a Meritorious Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

In order to bring a successful wrongful death lawsuit, the claimant must prove that the responsible party acted negligently and that this negligence caused the victim's death. Proving a case requires obtaining and reviewing medical records in conjunction with experts and then presenting the claim, with supporting evidence. 

We have the knowledge and expertise to find the mistakes made by the negligent party, gather expert witnesses, and hold negotiations for a settlement in your favor or go to trial if necessary.

Recovering Damages In a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Some factors that courts tend to consider when determining the amount of damages in a wrongful death case include:

  • Pain and suffering for the loss of a loved one and the loss of the decedent’s companionship, comfort, guidance, and advice.
  • Any loss of income from the deceased which surviving family members would rely upon and the degree to which the surviving family depended on their loved one's support
  • Hospital bills and medical treatment
  • Funeral costs